Car Parts Reuse Recycling Adelaide

When we buy your junk, broken down, used or damaged car in Adelaide, we will remove whatever we can for reuse, recycling and scrap. When we tow your car for free and take it to our yard, our team will get to work on removing and saving whatever is salvageable and might be able to be reused. You can be confident that we will take the upmost care to save whichever parts we can. This means choosing us to end your quest for ‘sell my car in Adelaide car is good for the environment and also for you.

It doesn’t matter what state your car is in. if it won’t start, has been in an accident or is damaged, we will still pay you a fair price and remove whatever we can to put the any parts back into the market. 

There are many car parts which are hard to get, and are made of materials that can easily be recycled into something else. We won’t waste the parts of your car, and carefully check and extract whatever we can. In this way, getting rid of your car can help keep other cars on the road, or be used to make new items from machines to street furniture. Our auto wrecker in Adelaide either removes parts for sale to other drivers, or sends the parts for recycling. Here a list of what we look out for.

Steel car parts recycling

Many cars have a lot of steel parts, most commonly including the chassis. Tough steel parts like the doors and roof are strong and help the car keep its form and shape. Steel can be reused in the construction and building industry. 

Copper car parts recycling

Most of the electrical components in your car use copper wiring. It’s an essential part of any computing or electrical system because it has the capacity to conduct electricity. This enables the components to the car to interact and help balances the running of the vehicle. The new generation of electric cars needs a lot of copper. We remove copper and any other circuitry or boards, to ensure it doesn’t go to waste, but instead helps to keep us accessing our technology.

Plastics car parts recycling

Plastic causes a big problem to our environment. Each year tons of plastic enter our oceans, and this petroleum-based product is probably the biggest source of pollution on our planet. The plastic in cars can be saved from causing pollution by being reused and enjoyed as play equipment for children or street furniture to be enjoyed by the community.

Platinum and other rare metals car parts recycling

You might be surprised to learn how much rare metal is in your car. All makes and models use at least some of the rarer metals in the engine, most typically in the catalytic converter. Platinum, palladium, and rhodium are used in converters to help keep convert pollutants into the carbon dioxide that the engine expels. These metals are occur so rarely on earth that even the smallest parts have some value. 

Lead and aluminum car parts recycling

These elements are used to ensure your wheels stay balanced and even while you are driving. Aluminum is often used to make wheel rims too. These elements also make up a good part of most standard car batteries. Aluminum is also used on many cylinder heads, pistols and radiators. 

Don’t let any other buyers tell you that your car is worthless. We take a proactive approach to reuse and recycling in wrecking yards in Adelaide because we know it’s the right thing to do for our planet and it makes sense to take care of what we have. 

When you contact us about selling a junk or old car, we will give you a fair price because we have a good understanding about what can be saved from cars of all makes and models. And while some of these metals might be only used in very small quantities in your car, you can feel proud to know that we will put back what we can into the market.