Cash for Scrap Cars

Factors That Determine the Instant Cash Amount for Your Scrap Car

Two factors play a pivotal role in a deal involving the sale of a scrap car for cash. If one is the environmental issue, the other ought to be the instant cash you get from the sale, from the cash for car companies. Coming to the issue of getting instant cash for the car, the amount depends on several factors. On this page, let us discuss these factors that will make a difference to the value of a scrap car.

Age, Make and Model of the Car

The first and foremost factors that determine the price of your car are its age, make and model. A larger model of car will return higher cost, much because of the larger volume of scrap metal that it produces. The older the model is, the higher the price will be, because of the higher demand of the usable spare parts it may produce. The reason is pretty obvious – replacement of the spare parts of the older models are pretty hard to come by. The make of the car makes a difference simply because of the brand value and again, on the quality of the spare parts it produces. So these are three of the most important factors that determine the amount of cash for cars in Adelaide that the owners can expect.

Present Market Price of Scrap Metal

This is another very important factor that determines the price that the owners of the old, scrap cars can expect. The prevailing market price of scrap metals directly influences the present rate of the scrap cars at any given point in time. There are instances, when cars yield a pretty high amount of cash, even though they do not salvage that high amount of scrap metal. That’s because the prevailing price of scrap metal is relatively higher than the other times. This is solely the reason why the price of the scrap car fluctuates all throughout the year.

The catch behind this is the fact that demand and supply of steel and aluminium fluctuates all throughout the year.

The Condition of the Car

This is another very important factor that needs to be taken into account. The better the condition of the car, the higher the price, as the better conditioned cars are expected to yield better conditioned spare parts that will need little refurbishment. Thus, when a car is not scrap and beyond recognition, but has just been knocked out of service by a mishap, it is expected to yield a higher price than an age-old car that is in a dilapidated condition.

Demand for spare parts

This is yet another very important factor that determines the amount of instant cash for cars in Adelaide. The car that yields spare parts that have high market demand carries a higher price tag than those with relatively low demand spare parts. That;s the reason, the older cars will fetch a higher amount than the relatively contemporary cars simply because the spare parts of the older cars are hard to come by and have a higher demand in the market.

Thus, if and when you plan to sell your old car to Sell My Car Adelaide keep these factors in mind. It will give you a notion about the price that your old scrap may fetch when you put it up for sale. Call us 0420824407 to get a free, instant quote.