Time to Sell Rusty Cars in Adelaide

Wintery weather has well and truly arrived here in Adelaide. In late May, we saw several days with storm warnings and torrential downpours and June has been just as wet. The wetter the weather, the higher the chance of older vehicles becoming rusty. Although a few rust patches on a car look harmless enough, rust can be a real enemy for your vehicle. 

Rust on cars is a major problem

Author Jonathan Waldman has said of rust: “Rust has knocked down bridges, killing dozens. It has shut down the largest oil pipelines, rendered military jets and ships unfit for service, and torn apart the fuselage of a commercial plane midflight.” Rust has caused millions of dollars’ worth of car problems right here in Australia. While many of us know to take preventative action against rust, such as ensuring paint works are sealed, repairing small chips quickly and keeping interiors of the car as dry as possible, in many cases, vehicles have long standing issues caused by rust., prompting people to sell rusty car in Adelaide.

Rust is not just an issue of appearance

Although they may have had rust prevention treatment applied in the past, older vehicles still do have a tendency to rust. Many older cars have not been properly sealed against rust. While rusty sections certainly make your car look uncared for, it can cause big issues for cars, making them unsafe to drive and the problem can be expensive to correct. Small rust spots can form when chips and dents occur. These small spots can quickly get bigger, through continued exposure to water. Rust causes metal to disintegrate and weakens it. Dealing with rust can become a costly exercise when you need to repair rust damage or source replacement parts. Thus, it is better to sell the vehicle off to a service that pays cash for cars in Adelaide, rather than going for a costly repair of the rusty parts. 

When rust infiltrates a car

As well as occurring on the car’s surface, rust can infiltrate other sections of the car, including the chassis. Having to replace parts like the chassis is becoming increasingly expensive and we are often noticing delays on the accessibility of parts. Penetrating rust can also impact the flooring sections and panels of your car. This weakens the overall strength and integrity of the car. Should a rusty car be involved in an accident, there is a greater chance of injury occurring to the passengers, because the outer shell of the car just isn’t as strong as it could be.

Get rid of rusty cars

If your old car is rusted out, now may be the time to get rid of it by selling it off to Adelaide wreckers. Don’t run the risk of further damage or increased risk in an accident. Rust can make your car unroadworthy in a very short time. Rust reduces the lifespan off the car and you may well need to get rid of the car sooner rather than later. If your car has major rust, there is also a high likelihood of other issues.

How much for a rusty car?

As a renowned wrecker in Adelaide, buy cars that have rust damage and rusted components because we salvage whatever we can for scrap. Call us today on 0468523510 and let us know you want to sell your rusty car in Adelaide. If you notice any significant rust issues, contact us and we will make an offer on your car. We’ll ask you for the make and model and where on the car you have noticed the rust. Then, we will make an offer for how much we will pay you for your rusty car. We don’t need to do an inspection first and will offer a fair price, every time. When we come to collect your car, we will pay the agreed amount. With more wet weather on the way, now is the time to get rid of that rusty bomb by selling it off to a service that pays instant cash for rusty, scrap cars in Adelaide. Find us online by using key phrases like Sell My Car Adelaide.