How It Works

Cash on the spot for unwanted, broken down and damaged cars

Selling your car with us is simple. When you contact us, we will ask you two very basic questions about your car- the make, and the model. Then, we’ll ask for details about the condition of the car, and you can let us know about any problems or damage you are aware of. Based on this information, we’ll make an offer on your car.

Selling your car as simple as 1, 2, 3

Contact us
Call us on +61420824407 or complete our contact form to find out what your car is worth
Meet us for collection
Let us know the pickup location and meet us there, complete the paperwork and you’re done
Take the cash
We can pay you in cash or by bank deposit. Say goodbye car and hello cash!
Free quotes
Getting a quote takes less than three minutes! Contacting us for a quote is simple, easy and quick. Your car might be worth more than you think. We’ll make an offer on your car and you decide if you want to accept it or not. Our quotes are no obligation- you are welcome to contact the rest, but ours offer is likely to be the best!

We pay cash for old cars

There are so many homes around Adelaide that are playing host to broken down, disused and unwanted old cars. You probably think of them as creating an eyesore, but we see the value in old cars. Although they can’t be driven, these cars contain parts that can be salvaged, fixed up and recycled. Sometimes there are parts in old cars which can’t be obtained from the manufacturer any more. We help get these parts back into the market.

We can collect:

  • Damaged cars
  • Broken cars
  • Wrecked cars
  • Cars that won’t start
  • Totalled cars
  • Unwanted cars
  • Cars that have been in an accident
Don’t let your old cars go to waste. The longer you leave unwanted cars in your yard, the less value they will have. No matter what has happened to your car, there are sure to be at least some parts that can be salvaged. We’ll collect your car and make sure that any parts which can be reused, are reused.
Step by step car sales Adelaide
We make car sales easy. Follow these steps, and within one or two days, you will have money that you didn’t have before and your junk car will be gone.
Step one- get a quote
When you contact us, we’ll ask a few questions and then let you know how much we can offer you for your car. The amount we offer will depend on the make, model and condition of your car. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t even know the year it was made. It doesn’t matter if your car is missing parts, seats, wheels or even internal components. We will make an offer on what is left on or in the car.
Step two- sell your car
When you agree to our offer, we’ll make a time to come and collect your car- wherever it is located. We can collect your car from your home, your workplace or on the side of the road. We can tow from anywhere. We’ll meet you, complete the paperwork with you and then give you cash for your car.
Step three- take the cash
We’ll give you the agreed amount on the spot- no negotiations. Payment can be made in cash when we meet you, or we can pop the money into your account by bank transfer. We’ll give you the cash, and a receipt- and your car will towed away.

What happens to my car when I sell it?

Once you have sold us your car, if it is roadworthy, we will drive it to our yard. If the car can’t be driven, we will tow it away at no additional cost to you. Our professional team of mechanics and wreckers will assess the car and remove any parts that can be used. We sell these parts from our yard, and supply parts to other small businesses within our network in South Australia.

What is my car worth?
Our experienced wreckers will ask for information about your car and then make an offer. They are so experienced and knowledgeable about the car market that they will be able to make a reasonable offer over the phone. We pay competitive and fair prices and will tow your car at no cost to you. The amount will depend on the condition of your car and how much of it can be savaged or scrapped.

Contacting us is easy
You can get in touch with us in whichever way you choose. Call us on +61420824407 or complete our web enquiry form. We’ll get straight back to you.

Don’t delay, get rid of cars that are taking up space in your yard, shed or garage.

Taking care of your old car

When we get your car to our yard, we will have a thorough look over it and remove any parts that can be reused or recycled. We do all of the dismantling and assessment ourselves. We will salvage the parts we can. Unlike some other wreckers, we don’t scrap what can be saved. Most of the parts we remove will be sent for sale at our spare parts warehouse, listed on line for specialist buyers or dismantled to be reused and repurposed.

We offer:.

  • Top dollar for broken down and wrecked cars
  • Service to Adelaide metro and non-metro areas
  • Fast pick ups
  • Cash on the spot for vehicles
  • Reliable and friendly service

When your car needs to go, we can help you. We are a locally owned and operated businesses that buys car in any condition. Just call us, tell us where to meet you and we’ll come and tow your car away- giving you the cash. It’s a quick, easy and pain-free way to get rid of any cars you don’t want or need.

Contact us on +61420824407 to find out what your car is worth and to schedule a collection time.

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Customer Reviews

My garage looks clutter-free now. The wreckers arrived on time and removed my junk car without a mess! Very much pleased and satisfied with the service.

Tony Ward

I didn’t know I could get so much for my junk car until and unless I hired them! It’s great pleasure working with Sell My Car Adelaide!

Chris Brown

The auto haulers were courteous and friendly. They removed every junk car parts with precision and towed my car for free. Had a great experience hiring them.

Steven Hood