Getting Rid of Junk Cars Adelaide Area

Let’s face it, the restrictions and changes that have occurred over the last year have had a big impact on our lives. We haven’t been able to travel overseas, or even interstate the same way we usually would. Many of us have had time spent working at home, and we’ve been left thinking about things in a different way. For some of us, using public transport has become less appealing, because of the risk of the spread of illnesses. These changes have resulted in many of us deciding the time is right to get a new car.

With travel plans cancelled, and less opportunity for spending on social events, concerts or dining out, there have been a lot of people who want to invest in a new car. People are putting savings towards luxury or new cars. The market is booming! You might have been one of the people to look into getting a new car, or may have even committed to making such a purchase. But when you get a new car, it always begs the question, what to do with the old one? 

Car removals, sales and disposals

If you’ve recently upgraded but have a beaten up, junk car left lying around, the answer is simple- sell it to us! We’re ready to give you top dollar for your old vehicle, and will even tow it away for free. If you’ve got a new vehicle, don’t leave the old one sitting around to become damaged or rusty. Get rid of it now!

If you have a new car coming in, give us a call to find out how much your old car is worth. When you contact us, all you need to do is tell us the make and model, and give us some information about the overall condition. We can tell you what the car is worth over the phone- and we can book it in for collection once your shiny new vehicle arrives. 

Tax time is the right time to get rid of your old car

How to sell car for cash 

The time is right to treat yourself to a new car, and you don’t want to be left worrying about how to dispose of the old one. Listing second hand cars on websites is time consuming and dealing with flaky buyers is annoying. Don’t let disposal of your old car get in the way of the joy of getting a new one.  We offer a fast, friendly and reliable car removal and disposal service.

Having an excess of cars at your property is a bother. There’s the endless task of moving them around, in and out of the garage, so that you can keep your new car secure when not in use. Cars left in driveways or garages can stop working; the battery will go flat quickly and then your old car will be even more in the way than before. Seeing an unused, broken all car can get you down and cause problems for the family. Just get rid of it! 

Same day car sales Adelaide

When you’ve made the decision to get rid of your old car- give us a ring. In most cases we can offer same day collection! We’ll get that junk car out of our garage and out of your thoughts forever. We service all areas of metropolitan Adelaide and love nothing more than helping people enjoy their brand new cars by getting rid of their old ones. 

Don’t let your experience and enjoyment of your new car be ruined by the sight of your old car. We take cars that won’t start, are broken down, falling to bits or just past their best. We reuse all the parts from your car that we can, meaning our service is sustainable and that what is salvageable won’t go to waste. 

The friendly staff at are ready and waiting to take your call. We can get your old car out of your way in no time. Give us a ring anytime to discuss what cash you can get for your car.