Inheriting junk cars

So far this year, we have helped two different customers who have inherited broken down cars and car parts.

The first customer inherited two very old Toyota’s which her father had kept in his yard ever since he stopped driving in around 2010. This gentleman had such fond memories of the cars he wanted to keep them both even after he gave up his license. The cars were complete, but had been left exposed to weather and the elements in his backyard. Neither would start, of course, and there was damage to the paint and body.

This customer had tried listing the cars on Gumtree, but nobody really wanted to buy them, and all she got were prank calls and ridiculous offers. She also contacted a couple of local dealers but they rudely told her they weren’t interested either. The whole situation was upsetting for her. She didn’t want to have her time wasted, or to be strung along by people who weren’t really interested in buying the two cars.

When the customer called us, she was of course a little bit upset about having the run around. She just wanted to be able to get rid of the cars quickly, and she wanted someone who understood her situation. To her, those cars had a value beyond just the parts and the pieces.

She explained the situation and gave us all the information she could about the cars. She literally cried with relief when we made our offer and told her we could collect them the next day. A little bit of understanding goes a long way and we were glad to be able to find a suitable resolution for this lady. It helped her to know that we would salvage and reuse whatever parts of the cars that we could.

Another customer who inherited more than he anticipated contacted us in March. This customer had been left a property in Wild Horse Plains, which is in between Two Wells and Port Wakefield on the SA Highway A1. This customer’s uncle had a whole shed full of cars, parts, bits and pieces which he had been collecting, repairing and tinkering with for many decades. There were bits of busses and vans, motorbikes and caravans, as well as all sorts of makes and models of cars. There were parts of engines and cooling systems, there were tires and tools everywhere!

In just about all cases we will make an offer over the phone, but of course, because of the size and scale of this job we wanted to head out to the site to see what could be salvaged. After a day of digging around, we were able to make an offer on the lot. That weekend, our team removed all of the vehicles and parts so that this customer could get on with clearing up the property for sale.

The customer was so grateful for the smooth and seamless service that he texted us the next day to say he “didn’t know what he would have done without us”.

If you find yourself in the position that you inherit a broken down old car, or one hundred broken down old cars, you can call us to discuss your options. We’ve got a buy all vehicles policy, which means regardless of the state of the car you are dealing with, we will buy it from you.

We know that inheriting a car can be something that is distressing and difficult to deal with. We won’t give you the run around or add any stress to an already challenging situation. We give fair, reasonable rates on all cars and will make the process as simple and quick as we can.