Top Five Reasons People Sell Their Cars for Scrap

Is it time to get rid of your old car? Do you want a cash for scrap service in the Adelaide area? You’re not alone. We often chat to our customers about their reasons for getting rid of their car and selling it to us for parts and scraps. Here are the top five reasons we’ve heard from our customers about why they are getting rid of their run down old car.

The car has been in an accident

As unfortunate as it is, accidents happen, and in many cases if enough damage has been done, there just isn’t any point in paying for repairs. Crash repair costs can add up, and as well as damage to parts and operating systems, the cost of fixing up even a small scrape can be astronomical. We can take any car that has been in an accident, no matter how bad the damage. We can also remove cars from the scene of an accident, getting it out of the way quickly and simply. 

The car is not economical and costs a lot in fuel

Petrol is getting more and more expensive, and a lot of people are realising that a gas guzzling large car like a four wheel drive just cost too much in petrol. Owners get sick of paying out more and more for petrol and instead chose a vehicle that is more economical. Many people also understand that cars with lower fuel consumption are better for the environment and getting a more efficient car is one way they can make a difference.

The car has major problems with operating systems

We see a lot of cars that have problems with either the electrical or transmission systems. Cars with bad alternators have trouble starting and running, and end up sputtering if they do start at all. Damaged thermostats, leaky transmission systems or broken ignition coils are all potential signs of big problems. Blown fuses, corroded spark plugs, damaged water pumps, clogged filters and radiator leaks are all mechanical issues that can get costly. If a car has too many problems, it may not be worth fixing. 

The car does not suit the family or the lifestyle

People often change cars when something else changes in their life. The kids might move out of home and so the parents don’t need so much room for passengers. A new baby might be on the way and so mum and dad need something with more room for car seats and prams. A new job with different travel requirements can be a reason, or so might a move to a new suburb or area. We’ve also had a customer tell us they are selling their old junk car because they got a promotion. We paid cash for their old car which they put towards a much newer and nicer model. 

The car isn’t cool

For many people, the car is a symbol of who they are. Many people look forward to replacing old cars with something that is more suitable for them, and something they can take pride in and enjoy. Some of us spend a lot of time in our cars, and want something that shows the world who we are. We totally support your choice to get yourself a smoother, cooler ride.  Sell us your old car and go get the car of your dreams!

If you’ve come to the conclusion it’s time to sell your car, contact us. We collect cars in all conditions and pay top dollar for them. It doesn’t matter if your car is broken down, damaged or has been in an accident because we use and recycle every part of the cart possible.You can let us take away your car knowing that we will do the right thing and reuse any parts of it that we can.

So go ahead, get on with selecting and purchasing a new car that gives you the comfort, capability and style that you are after and call us for a quote for what we will pay for your old car.